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Levels of Survival Mode

How long do I need to survive on my own?

There are many events that would put you and your family in survival mode. It’s a good idea to understand what level of survival you’ve just been put in. You need to know if you’re going to have to live for about 3 days without any help or government services or if you’re going to have to survive on your own for 3 months or longer, perhaps even indefinitely.

When disaster strikes your first thought is surviving the moment, getting past the actual disaster. You think of your family and of yourself getting to safety.

And after you’ve survived the earth quake, tsunami, hurricane, riot or what ever it was that you faced, the next question becomes, “What are we facing now?”

Can we just go back to our house, turn on the lights, throw on some burgers and continue our lives or do we even have power, do we have gas? When will gas and power be restored? Logical and reasonable questions of course.

But often you don’t even get the answers for at least a couple days. Sometimes it’s obvious, such as a tornado, everyone knows it just hit specific areas, but the rest of the town, city, state and Federal Government is still intact and will send help soon.

But with larger disasters, it’s unclear when that help will arrive, if at all.  And when considering a larger disaster such as the Yellowstone Volcano erupting or large scale civil unrest, massive terrorist attack etc. or in the unfortunate circumstance of a complete Government Collapse, you may actually be on your own for much longer periods of time.

So quickly evaluating your situation and taking the appropriate measures and action is essential to the survival of you and your family.  Accepting your situation, evaluating your resources and liabilities and quickly forming a plan is your next order of business, especially if you have kids and a family to protect.

So let’s get into the potential levels of disasters and survival you’ll potentially be faced with:

Levels of Survival:

Level 1 Includes: Temporary Survival Situation

Localized Storms
Localized Power Outages

For Level 1 Survival Situations you’ll need:
3 to 7 days worth of food and water (canned food, MRE’s, etc., 1 gallon of water a day per person)
Portable Cooking Stove (i.e. camping stove)

Level 2 Includes: Extended Survival Situation

This could include problems in a single city, state or region:
Riots & Civil Unrest, localized terrorist attacks
Smaller but dangerous storms (i.e. Tornados, Smaller Hurricanes, Local smaller but Disastrous Earthquakes, Localized pandemic or an outbreak, food shortages and localized but larger power outages, civil unrest or long lasting riots)

For Level 2 Survival Situations you’ll need:
3 to 4 week supply of food and water (larger or bulk supplies of canned food, MRE’s, dried foods etc., 1 gallon of water a day per person, which means a larger supply of water is essential)
Portable Cooking Stove (i.e. camping stove with a larger supply of fuel)

Level 3 Includes: Extended Long Term Survival Situations

In 2017 alone we have seen examples of the kinds of storms that have left residents on their own for an extended length of time.

Hurricanes and Earthquakes (these two disasters alone have left many people without resources or help during this past year), Large wild fires (California is a prime example of wild fires spinning out of control leaving people homeless and/or displaced), Tsunamis (we all remember the two large tsunamis that hit Japan and Indonesia over the last ten years and the absolute devastating effects it had on the region). Terrorist attacks are on the rise and could, depending on the nature and size of the attack, leave cities, states and/or regions without emergency services.

These could result in a partial or temporary, regional or local government collapse causing you to be on your own for 3 months or longer. Which means no Search and Rescue crews will come to help you, no Police will be there to protect you, and the government won’t be there to provide you food and water.

Many times they halfheartedly try, but most people are without resources and violence breaks out and people are injured and killed, like we saw in New Orleans in Louisiana with Hurricane Katrina which claimed the lives of over 1,833 people, many of whom died from other people, not the hurricane itself.

A level 4 Survival Situation Includes: Indefinite Survival Situation

It’s unknown how long this could last. This would put us all in a constant state of survival, depending only on ourselves. This would be due to a complete government collapse caused by any number of reasons, such as: Massive natural disaster or disasters, war, war on the continental U.S., massive terrorist attacks, civil war, asteroid and meteor strike, massive solar flairs, economic collapse, and about a hundred other reasons we never thought of.

Government collapses are nothing new in the world’s history. Empires have fallen, and we may very well be no exception.

We are very spoiled in the U.S. and Europe, we have nice quiet and generally safe lives. We get to complain about equal rights for the underprivileged, and protest things we deem unfair.  But the rest of the world is a very different place. It’s violent, unfair and a very volatile place.

In the comfort of our First World cultures the violence and confusion never touches us, other than the odd terrorist attack or a sad story on the news, but the law of the land in most places in the world, outside of our First World cultures, is survival of the fittest, the strongest wins, period.  And if these people continue to filter into our First World societies, we will be alive to see our societies collapse. Again, it’s not a new story, it’s happened before.

For a Level 4 Survival Situation You’ll Need:
You’re now thinking long term. A few barrels of water and some stocks of food will only be temporary. Now you’ll need to get your hands on seeds to grow your own food, a reliable source of water and good defenses.

You’ll need to start thinking about how to survive as early settlers survived. To them it wasn’t survival, it was just life. They knew where to find food and water and live in relative comfort without electricity and the modern conveniences we enjoy today.

So now you’ll need to think about defending your property so you can start growing and hunting for food to maintain yourself and family. Everybody’s pretty sure that people will start to rebuild, but that is a process, and more than likely a long process.

This is a long term situation, perhaps the duration of your lifespan. Our kids may see the rebuild, but we don’t know.

This may seem unlikely, and most would agree, including myself, however, things are changing in the world, including the Earth itself, so to not paying attention to these signs is actually irresponsible and sticking your head in the sand.

I’m not recommending you join a para-military group or going off the grid now, but I would recommend learning about the basics.

I would recommend learning:

How to start a fire
How to find food and water in the wilderness
How to stay warm in the wilderness
Basic camping skills
Learn the compass – Basic Navigation
How to grow your own garden
Physical fitness
Self defense
Small arms training

With these skills alone you will ensure your chances of survival during a complete Government Collapse.

There are countless resources Online to learn these skills. There are countless groups teaching and practicing these skills. So read, watch, join a class etc. but get out there and do it. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.